Here are some examples of our work on watercraft. How about revitalizing your boat?

BEFORE – Not a pretty sight and we can’t take out friends and enjoy our boat.


AFTER – Haudini fixed it!  Now we can get lots of quality use in our boat!


BEFORE – Typical sun, wind and water damage over time

FB_IMG_1438203355782 FB_IMG_1438203345978

AFTER – Save thousands by not having to buy a new boat!

FB_IMG_1438203330659 FB_IMG_1438203319495


Here are some other examples of marine-grade vinyl restorations:

SAM_0448 SAM_0434 SAM_0392 SAM_0345 SAM_0341 SAM_0337

Other examples of specialty nautical upholstery work.

 SAM_0339 SAM_0928